Jennifer B. White


Stepping out from behind a laptop to lead a cast and crew in the production of a feature film can be a bold move for a writer. Especially since writing is a solitary occupation, and a quiet one at that. Film production, on the other hand, is the furthest thing from that tranquility.


That’s what makes White different. Though she’s a prolific writer who’s penned books and movie scripts, she’s an extrovert by nature, and fueled by creative collaboration. She enjoys the dynamic speed at which production moves, and the challenges of keeping that engine on track so it meets its destination on time.


Wikipedia defines a visionary as “one who can envision the future. For some groups this can involve the supernatural.” When it comes to storytelling, White is a visionary. She knows a great tale, and understands how to make it concrete. (Mary Loss of Soul takes a unique spin on an obscure, but real condition.)


Directing comes naturally, because she’s able to communicate her artistic concept, taking the cast and crew—and ultimately the audience—on a creative journey. She’s also a person who’s very much at home with the supernatural. About her novel, Otherwise, one critic wrote, “White is the real thing. She knows just how to introduce and develop characters and plot, and she has a keen ear for the music of language. And she knows how to use otherworldliness as a metaphor for the human condition.”


White is bicoastal. She lives and writes in Boston, Massachusetts, when she’s not in Los Angeles, California working on movies. She holds a BA in Communication and an M.Ed in Psychology.
She has three boys—all were born in late October, the youngest on Halloween.