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    The Boston International Film Festival, which wraps today, announced its winners on Sunday night. The Indie Spirit Award for Feature Film went to “Mary Loss of Soul,” a thriller by Jennifer B. White...
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    One of my most magical experiences of the event was the opportunity to cover the World premiere of the film, 'Mary Loss of Soul'. Film festivals have always been a media favorite and a chance to learn all the secrets that go into a successful film and all the hard work that produces a top-rated film. As I sat and watched this thriller, I felt at one with the characters because of the brilliant way in which it was developed. This was the story of Mary, a young, typical and vivacious teenager that witnessed an event so horrific that it took her soul. 
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    Arnold Schwarzenegger announces his return for TERMINATOR 5… Minions run amok in DESPICABLE ME 2… Supernatural drama coming in MARY LOSS OF SOUL…
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    A 9-year-old Clayton girl said she hopes the first feature-length film she starred in will open the door to a long acting career.

    Anne Van den Heuvel, who goes by the stage name Anne Bex in her portfolio, appears in a supernatural feature film, “Mary Loss of Soul.” The fourth-grader at Lincoln Elementary School in Hudson filmed her scenes across three weeks in May 2012 on location in Foxborough, Massachusetts. 
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    Stepping out from behind a laptop to lead a cast and crew in the production of a feature film can be a bold move for a writer. Especially since writing is a solitary occupation, and a quiet one at that. Film production, on the other hand, is the furthest thing from that tranquility. 
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    Today, an unusual Saturday shoot, they’re working on an independent feature titled Mary Loss of Soul (MLoS), a supernatural thriller about a young girl who loses part of her soul, directed by Jennifer B. White. Read more on Motif...

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    Ever hear of this phenomenon called "soul loss"? Among many tribal cultures that practice
    Shamanism around the world, soul loss happens when a person's spirit splits in two, and a
    portion of the soul flees the body.
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    There is no accurate description of the WHITE tornado I met recently on the set of her soon to be released film MARY LOSS OF SOUL. It was the last day of shooting, and the energy level and passion of this female director was boundless and infectious!
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    Despite the fact that most of the digital cinema theatres around the world are projecting in 2K-resolution and that the vast majority of TV broadcasters in the world have not yet adopted even digital HD, a growing number of production professionals strongly advocate that all filmmakers shoot in 4K.

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    TWILIGHT and DOG WITH A BLOG stars form father-daughter bond on the set of
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    Teen actress Kaylee Bryant recently starred in the indie feature film MARY LOSS OF SOUL, which filmed in Massachusetts and is now in post-production. Kaylee plays 15-year-old Mary Solis who vanishes from her family's lake house and returns without any memory of the traumatic events she experienced -- and without part of her soul. Even while a shocking mystery surrounds her disappearance, and her disembodied soul begins a grim haunting, the Solis family's biggest fear is watching Mary's true spirit wither away. We interviewed Kaylee about her acting career, how she began, and her experience filming MARY LOSS OF SOUL.

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  • Toledo Free Press

    Anne Van den Heuvel (stage name Anne Bex) is an 8-year-old with big dreams. Although she spends most of her time with her family in Helena, Ohio, Anne and her mother Miranda go to Los Angeles each year for pilot season (February and March), and Anne has acted in two independent or student films.

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    So, compelled by a childhood curiosity for the limelight, Myerson researched the top 10 modeling agencies , attended practically every open call and, with an unflappable fervor, found himself in the auspicious position of being signed on the spot.

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    Bex plays “Sophia Solis”, the younger sister of the main character, Mary, played by Kaylee Bryant. Sophia is a character that is wise beyond her years. According to the movie’s writer/director, Jennifer White, Bex was able to step right into the role of Sophia and bring her to life.
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    To describe Above Seclusion as a teenage alt-rock band does not do the group justice.
    The musicians rehearse roughly every other day because they know this tedious step is necessary.
    But there’s more to their stories.
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    One of my favorite films of the week was ‘Mary Loss of Soul’, a poignant thriller giving us a look into one young girl who witnessed an event so horrific that it took her soul and this was the journey to bring it back to her.  It is a film that highlights the closeness of family and touches our emotional side. It was a thriller that pulled us into the scenes in mystical ways. 
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  • Curry College

    "What if a young girl lost part of her soul, but was still alive?"

    This is the question writer and director Jennifer B. White '88 asked herself when beginning the script for her film Mary Loss of Soul, a film that has brought her acclaim from all over the nation and especially here in Boston.
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